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Mar 22, 2023

  • Our guest is Tim Farrar who is an expert coyote hunter from Maine and been hunting ad studying them since early 70’s.
  • Anti-hunting legislation being heard in legislative session – Bill LD814 anti-hunting assault on coyote hunting year-round.
  • After we recorded this podcast, Maine House Bill LD 814’s public hearing date was changed to April 3rd. 2023 at 1pm in the Cross Building Rm 206.
  • Why ???– coyote population in Maine has thrived even though hunters have hunted for decades.
  • Nothing is driving this bill from a scientific perspective.
  • Tim talks about a transient population being as big as a resident population.
  • Pups drift from the mom in September.
  • Territories can spread out approaching 100 miles.
  • Coyotes can kill a moose???
  • Once a female coyote is bred, they will move into deer yards for an easier food source.
  • Do coyotes influence the bobcat population?
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