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Big Woods Bucks - Deer Hunting -Education & Entertainment

Jun 29, 2023

Big Woods Bucks team member Neil Pendleton and CEO Chris Dalti join Hal Blood and Joe Kruse to talk about Neil's film "The Next One." The Next One tells the story of Neil's 2022 deer season, and how Neil killed an archery buck, a Maine buck tracking, and an Adirondack buck tracking. In this episode, Neil talks about how...

Jun 12, 2023

Title: 128| “Old School Maine Deer Tracking Stories with Matt Vining” 

Local Jackman, ME legend Matt Vining joins Hal and Joe to tell some stores about tracking deer. Born and raised off-the-grid in the Big Woods of Maine, Matt Vining grew up hunting, trapping, fishing, and living the Big Woods lifestyle. In this...

Jun 1, 2023

  • Bad Lee for Governor???
  • Hal’s deer clinic inspires new buck trackers.
  • Scouting has indicated even more deer than last year based on tracks .
  • Bucks wander more in hardwoods.
  • Spring scouting can reveal “New Special Places.”
  • Don’t get in the routine of visiting the same old places, veering off helps you...